Un niño llega al final del recorrido de un tobogán en espiral.

Objectives of the activities

A positive attitude

  • To increase the feeling of belonging to the company.
  • An empowerment of leadership.
  • To obtain the ability to coordinate and listen.
  • To improve productivity, motivation and group cohesion.
  • Working together more effectively and efficiently.
  • Confidence, personal and professional growth.
  • Individual worth within teamwork.
Un niño llega al final del recorrido de un tobogán en espiral.

Kidom Indoor Adventure

Leisure and adventure activities

  • Sportsmanship and teamwork philosophy.
  • Trusting your teammates and assuming your role, achieving victory together.
  • Achieving success
  • Obstacles, high bridges, ziplines and climbing walls help participants to form a group strategy to achieve their goal.
Un niño llega al final del recorrido de un tobogán en espiral.

Tailor-made programming

Group programming

  • With an evaluation, a final report, and an optional closing event with festive atmosphere.

Combination possibilities

  • With our catering service.
  • For presentations in our catering area with our screens.
  • For conventions or presentations with our state-of-the-art Ocine rooms.
Puentes colgantes.

And also,

  • We can combine any action of your company with Team building, family get-togethers and family reunions.
  • Without a doubt, the integral result that we offer gives a different value to the incentive of any company or group.

Everything is possible at

Team building, events, convivial days, group and collective meetings, presentations and conventions… Some companies and groups have already experienced it. What are you waiting for?

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And remember, we can adapt to you

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