The senses are the means that allow us to get to know the world and its peculiarities...

Sentirolandia is a playful learning activity that complements the curriculum in which the little ones will get to know Castellón through the five senses, promoting the integration of the students with their environment and stimulating their critical and creative thinking.

This activity aims to provide them with new points of view about the environment that surrounds them, to form their own criteria and to educate them in diversity and coexistence. All of this is always taught from the perspective of respect.

The activities in Sentirolandia are carried out 100% in the facilities of Kidom Estepark (Castellón) and are aimed at children between 3 and 10 years old.

Sight and hearing

Learn to recognise figures and sounds related to Castellón and place them in their respective context: city, countryside, mountain, or sea.

Touch and smell

Assimilate textures and smells of plants and other natural elements present in Castellón.


Experiment with the flavours, aromas and colours of typical foods of the province.


A space for drawing and painting to let them exercise their creativity while having fun.

Lunch, dinner or snack

Discover tasty, creative, fun and balanced cuisine!

Can we bring our own snack or picnic? Of course! You can also take a break during the activity to enjoy a delicious menu prepared by Kidom.

Supplementary information


All activities are supervised by instructors.

Accompanier persons are invited to participate free of charge in the playful learning activities and in the adventure circuit with their pupils.

Photos and videos can be taken. And you can also to enjoy our Cafeteria/Restaurant called Tirabeque.

The fun areas have the strictest safety requirements.

The activities have been developed by May Mirallas, who has a degree in philosophy and pedagogical application, and these activities are carried out by Kidom staff.

Pupils with special needs

For any student with any type of functional diversity, alternatives will be proposed to ensure that everyone has the possibility to take part in the workshop.

Evaluation protocol

We offer an evaluation report to the centres or institutions with the aim of sharing and achieving an important dimension of collaboration with the world of education.

We offer an evaluation both before and after the activity to observe the impact that the workshop has had on the students' knowledge of their environment and attitudes towards the province of Castellón. All of this as long as the centre considers it appropriate.

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